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Over Yonder is a rustic, vintage inspired venue where fellowship, memory making, and craftiness is to be had. Our mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience with our atmosphere, step-by-step instructional classes, and handmade items.

We believe that everyone has some form of creativity inside of them, whether they are experienced or not.

So, let’s craft some memories, one craft at a time.

Our Why

We haven’t always wanted to be the crafty entrepreneurs that we are today. When we started Over Yonder in
2012, I was working at a local bank branch here in Palestine, TX and Rob worked at a local grocery store while,
also, being a caregiver to his dad. Our eyes were bigger than our wallets, so we decided to start making handmade items to help us fund our adventures, to go “over yonder” if you will, lol. The reason that we thought
that this was a good idea is because we had made the decorations for our wedding, and decided, “Why not?”
Plus, I already had some experience from watching my parents, because when money was tight for Christmas,
they made things to sell to make sure that we had more than enough on Christmas morning.

To fund our adventures was our original reason for starting Over Yonder, but the reason we have continued is
because of our amazing child, Aaliyah. She is our everything and reason for everything that we do. We are able
to spend more quality time with her, while giving her an experience that she can later use in her adult life. Over
Yonder might not have been what we originally had planned for our lives, but God has a way of showing you
who and what you are meant to be.

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