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Mural Arts in Palestine, Texas

Mural Arts Program

Dr Pepper Mural
The Visit Palestine seeks to commission a professional visual artist or artist team to design and paint murals at various locations city-wide. Each year, the city will designate the location of the murals and detail the stipend and criteria for each canvas.

The projects should meet the following objectives:
• Enhance the public space.
• Provide a photo worthy selfie station for locals and visitors to take pictures in front of various backdrops.
• Serve to beautify individual buildings and neighborhoods, discourage graffiti, and add to the unique charm and character of the City.
• Draw visitors and tourists to the City.

Artist Eligibility

Preference will be given to local artists or artist teams who have experience in mural/large-scale artworks and prior experience in the creation of public art.

2022 Requests for proposals

There are no open Requests for Proposal at this time.


The selection of an artist, or artist team, will be based upon:
• Artistic merit of the design
• Appropriateness of the design for the location, including the scale, content, color, and design in relation to the site.
• Concept promotes themes stated in project summary.
• Artist’s qualifications.
• Originality of the design.

Completed Projects through Program

Stages of a Mural



Blank concrete wall adjacent to the largest parking area in Historic Old Town Palestine
Taking Shape

Taking Shape

The artist created a large paint by color template for community paint day
Completed Mural

Completed Mural

After the community paint day, the artist came back and cleaned up the lines to finalize the project.

City Mural Approval Process

For artists who wish to create a mural outside of the Mural Arts Program, prospective muralists will fill out a form below and deliver to Development Services at City Hall for review.

Click here to review or download a sign permit.
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