January Solo Show at Gallery at Redlands
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Gallery Talk at The Gallery at The Redland

Date: Jan 06 - Jan 29, 2022

Artist of the Month—Deanna Pickett Frye

Palestine's celebrated muralist Deanna Pickett Frye will host a Gallery Talk at Gallery at Redlands, 400 N. Queen Street (Redlands Hotel, ground floor) Friday night January 21 from 7-8:00 p.m.

Deanna's artistic life has taken on a new dynamic with her recent mural activity about town along with her solo show at The Gallery at Redlands extended through the month of February. Come listen to what she has to share Friday night and catch the fever of her artistic imagination.

Deanna is a professor at Trinity Valley Community College, has been teaching art since 2001, and loves sharing her passion for art with those around her. She received her BFA in Painting and Art Education from the University of North Texas and earned her Masters degree from the New Hampshire Institute of Art
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I make art because I like the creating process and ultimately the fulfillment of completion. I’ve always been drawn to environments that are enticing and bold, often relating to mid-century design and or forms found in nature. I often bounce back and forth from painting intuitive abstracted compositions to realism.

This specific series of large flowers on canvas focuses on beauty found at our feet. Throughout the pandemic, I found myself spending more time in my garden and enjoying the simplicity of nature. Therefore, I decided to concentrate on the elegance of botanicals. These works are intended to envelop the viewer with excitement through bold color and scale.

My art often focuses on patterns and repetition as related to paths followed through life, which mimics repetitions and cycles found in the blooms of a flower. I hope to paint works whose shapes, colors, and textures attract from afar then drawing the viewer near for a richer experience with intricate details.

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