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2022 Whiskey & Wine Swirl - Distillery Registration

Thank you for registering as a Whiskey Distiller for Palestine Main Street's Whiskey & Wine Swirl (TM)! This annual event is a successful sip-and-shop format held in historic downtown Palestine, and we are excited to welcome back whiskey enthusiasts! This year we are opening ticket sales to even more attendees to stroll through our host locations while sampling your selections.

The following are the procedures and responsibilities of the distilleries and the City of Palestine.

All participating distilleries must:

  • Complete vendor registration by August 31, 2022
  • Check-in 1 hour before the event at 401 W. Main St., Palestine
  • Complete set-up at least 15 minutes prior to event
  • Provide tastings for 650 participants (0.25-0.5 oz pour per guest)
The City of Palestine will:
  • Check ID's for 21 years of age and older and provide wristbands to guests
  • Provide complimentary whiskey glass and lanyard to each guest
  • Provide complimentary bites for the guests
  • Provide complimentary bottled water for the guests
  • Provide signage, table, tablecloth, and chair at assigned location

Deadline to Register is August 31, 2022
Event will be held on December 10, 2022 4pm-8pm

If you need additional information or help, please call (903) 723-3526 or email

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