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2020 Dogwood Trails Parade Application

Theme: Roaring 20's

The parade will start at 10 am sharp on Saturday March 21, 2020
Check – in by 9 am at the Anderson County Courthouse, corner of Church & Crawford
Judging will be done during parade from the Chamber of Commerce Building @ Main and Queen.
Entries will be judged on Theme, Continuity, and Enthusiasm.
Note that $100 cash will be awarded to first place in each category this year, and trophies will no longer be awarded.
See rule #2
Do you want to be judged?

Participated in Parade Previously?

Vehicle Insurance Any motorized vehicles MUST include policy
“Dogwood Trails Festival” WAIVER
By checking the Term and Conditions, I have read the attached general rules & regulations regarding the 2020 Dogwood Trails Festival Parade and I agree
to comply with them.

In consideration of being accepted as a participant, we irrevocably grant the Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce the exclusive right to use in any media our name, likeness, photos or reproduction of our performance for any purpose including promotion, advertising or otherwise. With these rights, we hereby release the Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce and it’s agents from any claim, liabilities and/or damages which may now or in the future arise by reason of such use. Furthermore, we acknowledge that we are aware of the risks associated with
participation in the Parade and, therefore, on our behalf and that of our heirs, do hereby release the Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce and it’s agents for any and all claims, liabilities and/or damages on account of any personal injury or property damage which may occur from any cause before, during or after the Parade.

I hereby release and hold harmless the sponsors, promoters, and all other persons and entities associated with this event.

All entries must be completed by the DEADLINE: 4pm on Monday, March 16, 2020
(Those not registered by this time may participate, but will not be judged or qualify for awards.)
Terms and Conditions
Please read and check to complete registration  
1. Parade Route: Start at Courthouse Square – Go down Avenue A. Turn RIGHT onto Main Street. Follow Main Street to Tennessee Street. Take a RIGHT onto Tennessee Street. Continue to Lacy Street. Turn RIGHT onto Lacy St and continue back to the courthouse to end. For safety reasons: stopping your vehicle early to let off riders or disbanding will result in being banned from further participation.

2. All accepted participants must sign the enclosed waiver & return the application. All motorized vehicles used in Parade MUST supply a current insurance form with application. All Moving Vehicles are not allowed to
demonstrate excessive out of line movement, NO Popping Wheelies, Revving motors – NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. The Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to restrict, limit, accept or reject any application.

4. Units emitting excessive loud music or sound from their parade unit will not be permitted.

5. Entrants are required to identify their entry by:
a. Entry #must be VISIBLY affixed to the passenger side of your unit so the judges can identify you.
b. Affixing a 22” x 24” poster board on the right side (passenger side) of the entry containing the name
of the individuals, club or business. (additional signage is helpful)
c. Give a very detailed description of entry on the parade entry form.
Judges will not be asked to “guess” at entries that are not made easily identifiable by one of the above mentioned methods. Unclear markings will not be judged.

7. To be eligible for judging, entry must be postmarked by 4pm - Monday, MARCH 16th. Those not registered by this time may participate, but will not be judged or qualify for awards. *Parade Theme must be incorporated into the entry to be eligible for judging.

· $100 cash prize will be awarded for first place in each category.
· Entries will be judged on theme, continuity, originality and enthusiasm.
Winners may pick up their awards at the Chamber Office Tues-Fri 9am – 5pm at 401 W. Main St. The Palestine
Herald Press, 98.3FM – KYYK /1450AM - KNET/ will announce winners.

9. ALL ENTRIES should be decorated or have some entertainment value.

10. ALL EQUINE ENTRIES must present current COGGINS papers at time of application. NO EXCEPTIONS!

NOTE: The Committee reserves the right to restrict, limit, accept or reject any unit application or to remove anyone from the parade that is a threat to the public, or use inappropriate language or gestures.
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