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2020 Veterans Day Parade Application

Thank you for joining the VETERANS DAY 2020 Parade!

Check-In: Check in will be at the corner of Church and Crawford beginning at 9 am. Registration and Check-in is required for all participants.

Route: The parade will start at the Anderson County Courthouse, proceeds to Avenue A., right on Oak St and disperses at the Palestine Farmers Market.

Awards: 1st place trophies for best entries will be given in to the 2 top participants.

Identification: Participants are required to identify their entry by:

1. Affixing a 22” x 24” sign on the left side of the entry, including the name of the organization, individual, or business.

Applications Due: In order to be judged, you must turn your application in by November 5th at 3 pm. You can still participate in the parade on Saturday morning, but you will not be judged to win a trophy.

Check In: 9 am
Parade Begins: 10 am

1. Something patriotic should be incorporated in your parade entry.
2. For safety reasons, no walking children under 13 years old, no toy vehicles, no children on bicycles or motorized vehicles allowed.

3. For the safety of the public, you must throw candy or other materials far away from the street. Candy and other materials may be HANDED out along the parade route by adults walking with the entry also.

4. All accepted participants must sign and submit the Veterans Day, 2020 Parade Application / Waiver.

5. A copy of current insurance MUST accompany the Veterans, 2020 Parade Application.

6. Moving vehicles are not allowed to demonstrate excessive out of line movement.

7. Current Coggins papers for Equine entries must be submitted with application and all horses must be bagged.

8. The Veterans reserves the right to restrict, limit, accept or reject any application.

9. Music, Language, or Actions considered obscene will not be tolerated.
Do you want to be judged?
Participated in Parade Previously?
Vehicle Insurance Any motorized vehicles MUST include policy

I have read the attached general rules and regulations regarding the Veteran Parade and agree to comply. Participants are asked to remember that the purpose of the parade is to provide enjoyment and fun for the members of our community. This purpose should be the goal when planning and designing entries. The City of Palestine reserves the right to approve or deny entry to the parade. Retain parade rules and instructions and read carefully as this will be a helpful guideline in making your day go smoothly. On behalf of the above mentioned organization, I hereby waive and refuse and all rights and claims for damages against the City of Palestine and/or sponsors, its agents, officers or members. I also agree to abide by all the rules and regulations as outlined by the application and understand that this information is being obtained for the purpose of registrations. The applicant herby consents to public access being provided to this information request. Additionally, the undersigned voluntarily consents to use of Participant’s photograph, name, image, and likeness (recordings), and waives and releases the City of Palestine, or Veteran Organizations from any and all claims, causes, damages, liabilities and/or actions arising there from and/or relating thereto, whatsoever, provided said use shall be for non-commercial purposes in connections with advertising, administrative, programmatic and promotional activities and materials. In connections therewith, Participant grants a royalty-free, irrevocable permission to use, reproduce, publish, broadcast and distribute any recordings.

In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I, the undersigned, assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur this event.

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