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2020 Hot Pepper Parade Application

Thank you for joining the 2020 Hot Pepper Festival Parade! The theme is "Everything's Hotter in Texas!"

Check-in: Check-in will be at the corner of Church and Crawford beginning at 9AM, parade starts at 10AM. Registration and check-in is required for all participants.

Awards for best entries will be given in the following categories: Most Entertaining, Best Use of Theme, and Most Outrageous/ Awesome.

Identification: Participants are required to identify their entry by:
1. Affixing a 22"x24" sign on the left side of the entry, including the name of the organization, individual, or business.
2. Giving a detailed description of the entry on the Hot Pepper Festival Parade application form.

1. The Hot Pepper Festival's theme, "Everything's Hotter in Texas," must be incorporated into the entry to be eligible for judging.
2. For safety reasons, no walking children under the age of 12, no toy vehicles, no children under the age of 12 on bicycles.
3. All accepted participants must sign and submit the 2020 Hot Pepper Festival Parade Application Waiver.
4. A copy of current insurance must accompany your parade application.
5. Moving vehicles are not allowed to demonstrate excessive out of line movement.
6. Current Coggins papers for equine entries must be presented at parade sign-in.
7. The City of Palestine reserves the right to restrict, limit, accept, or reject any application.
8. Music, language, or actions considered obscene will not be tolerated.

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