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Art Walk

Date: June 03, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

June 2023 Art Walk

Award-winning artist Steve Miller, Palestine’s own Cecilia Bramhall, and gallerist David Tripp will spend Saturday at Palestine’s Gallery at Redlands to participate in our monthly Art Walk. Cecilia will be painting inside the Gallery while Steve and David plan on painting en plein air outside the Redlands Hotel, taking in Palestine’s vistas.

Steve Miller of Grand Prairie recently won two awards from the annual Paint Historic Waxahachie competition, and The Gallery at Redlands is delighted to include him among our artists.

Cecilia Bramhall of Palestine has been one of our Gallery’s anchors since we opened in 2017. Her oil paintings of fantasy themes and nostalgic American settings have been recently exploring new horizons of imagination.

Sponsored by the Dogwood Arts Council.
David Tripp, also a charter member of The Gallery at Redlands, became owner with his wife Sandi in 2021, and enjoys making art in Palestine and participating in the local art events. Sandi will welcome visitors to the Gallery while the artists work on site. We are expecting a day of enrichment as patrons enjoy displays of participating artists throughout the downtown business district. Art Walk will run from 10-3:00. The Gallery at Redlands will remain open till 10 p.m.
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