Spring 2019 Bloom Watch

Saucer Magnolia on E Pine Street in the Northside Historic District – Palestine Texas – March 3, 2019

We took a stroll throughout town this weekend and what did our eyes see…. but many tiny buds already in bloom! Late winter blooms in Palestine offer a beautiful pop of color against an otherwise gray sky.

Redbuds at Davey Dogwood Park – Palestine Texas – February 28, 2019



Once the Redbuds are in bloom, we start tracking the dogwoods which traditionally bloom approximately 2 weeks later.

The clusters of pink or magenta blossoms appear before the leaves and appear to be growing directly out of the bark.







What was a bit more surprising was the Bluebonnets that are making an early show this year!  Our historic southside district is already showcasing various shades of blue!

While we are seeing early color, the dogwoods are holding out for the time being.  We woke up to 20-28 degree temperatures the past two days so we will keep an eye on the buds and keep your fingers crossed that they do not freeze!

5 thoughts on “Spring 2019 Bloom Watch”

  1. We have family coming in from California May 4 to May 11, and I was wondering if the dogwoods would still be in bloom during that time?

    1. Hello Lorraine!

      Unfortunately the dogwoods will only be in bloom for about 21 days and we think that will be March 18-April 1st. We had a three nights of hard freezes here in a row so we are monitoring closely! We have plenty to offer in May as well though! See you soon!

    1. We really like Manley Mountin within Davey Dogwood Park for a beautiful sunrise. It faces due east and provides a beautiful view in the mornings. In the evening, we recommend Wolf Creek Lake near the NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility or Upper or Lower Lakes in the Palestine Coomunity Forest.

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