Bloom Watch 3.16.19

Driving along Main Road 1 in Davey Dogwood Park 3.15.19

A drive in Davey Dogwood Park shows that our blooms will be on time for the 81st annual Dogwood Trails Celebration!  Redbuds are still hanging on and the dogwoods are starting to open.  Once they open, they will be on dispay for 21 days!  In the early stages of blooming in the main picnic area within the park, many dogwoods still have tight buds, so we think the blooming season will last a while!

Opening of the buds 3.15.19
Bloom in Davey Dogwood Park 3.15.19

2 thoughts on “Bloom Watch 3.16.19”

  1. We are planning a trio to see the Dogwoods April 6th. Will they still be open and beautiful. Does the park have walking trails if so what is the terrain like. Shoes required etc. Does the park have picnic tables or places to park and throw out a blanket.

    1. The dogwoods will be on the tail end of their cycle that weekend, but we see the trees opening slowly, so the ones that open next week should still be very nice! Davey Dogwood Park does have hiking and biking trails, so please do wear appropriate shoes. It also has 5.5 miles of driving trails. You can view the map of the park at and then scroll down and click on Davey Dogwood Park. The park does have picnic tables, but blankets are welcome, there is a beautiful grassy lawn that you can sit down for a picnic!

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